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It is a matter of fact that addiction and mental health disorders are common. While not every single person in the United States, or even just Texas, is dealing with one, they are far more common than you may think.

It is cliche, but it is very true that you are not alone in this battle. There are so many people out there that truly want to help you if you are struggling, and there are so many out there that are struggling alongside you.

There are options out there, like those provided at Ripple Ranch Recovery in Comal County, Texas. With a personalized treatment plan for each person that enters treatment, Ripple Ranch sees incredible success in helping people escape the bonds of substance use and/or mental health disorders.

With evidence-based treatments, you or your loved one could be just a few minutes away from the treatment and support you desire. 

Holistic Healing in Comal County

It is estimated that 40% of people that battle a substance use disorder also struggle with a co-occurring disorder like depression or PTSD. These mental health disorders can either be the trigger that leads to addiction or can complicate any efforts at achieving recovery from addiction.

Even for the other 60% of those with a substance use disorder, mental health care is needed in treatment as the process of reaching recovery is difficult both physically and emotionally.

Because of this, Ripple Ranch Recovery takes a holistic approach to treatment to make sure all areas of our patients' lives are treated. By focusing on the mind, body, and spirit, we can ensure that underlying mental health disorders are uncovered and treated to avoid the possibility of them causing a relapse in the future. 

Committed to Your Wellness

At Ripple Ranch Recovery, you and your loved ones can be confident in the treatment being provided and the potential for a life in recovery after treatment. Services for substance use disorder at Ripple Ranch begin with medically supervised detox focused on ridding the body of harmful toxins and the potential physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms that may come with it.

From there, patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders will begin a treatment program that has been fully personalized to their needs and background to ensure the best chance of a life in recovery. Treatment, in either an inpatient or outpatient setting, will include a mix of individual treatment and group therapy sessions mixed in with outdoor therapies. 

We Focus on You

The mission of Ripple Ranch Recovery is to provide you with the care necessary to see you succeed in recovery. We aim to give each person entering treatment a personalized treatment plan to make this possible. 

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You can begin your journey to long-term recovery today, right now even, by reaching out to Ripple Ranch Recovery. We are always ready to talk, answer questions, and hear anything you are struggling with.

Our mission is to see you succeed in recovery — whether it be from addiction, a mental health disorder, or a dual diagnosis of both. Not every person that walks through our doors will get the same exact treatment as the last person, and we are committed to providing you with a treatment program specific to your needs.

Call us today to begin the path to recovery.